Let's talk interesting facts about internet........

Let's talk interesting facts about internet........

What is Internet??

Internet is nothing but network of networks.

How does Internet works??

Lets learn how internet works in just 5 easy steps .

Step 1 Firstly, you’ll be required to connect your system or PC with any router or modem to establish a connection. This connection is the base of the internet connection.

Step 2 When you open the browser and start typing something like “www.google.com”, your system will push a query command to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is connected with other servers that store and process data.

Step 3 Now, the web browser will start indexing the URL that you’ve entered and will fetch the details in numeric format that you’re trying to reach.

Step 4 Next, now your browser will start sending the HTTP request where you’re trying to reach and send a copy of the website on the user’s system.

Step 5 Once all the data is received at the user’s end (PC/Laptop), the browser will start arranging all those small packets and later will form a collective file and then you’ll be able to see the contents of that website.